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As a signatory of the Global Compact, we are committed to implementing the ten principles of sustainable development in the field of human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

For Bioprotect, corporate social responsibility is an intrinsic component in everything we do and regardless of the economic context we remain an active supporter of accountability policies.

The Company’s commitment is to have a responsible attitude, both towards the employees and towards the entire society, respecting the financial, social and environmental commitments.

Bioprotect through everything it achieves for social purposes, engages ethically and contributes through the practice of transparent and responsible businesses to sustainable development, social cohesion, while improving both the quality of life of employees and that of the community in which it operates, thus demonstrating that it is “a responsible company”.

Only in such a manner can we participate in the creation of a more beautiful and better world for present and future generations.