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The fruit production sector is a prospective one for Moldova.

Worldwide, The Republic of Moldova is among the top ten exporting countries of apples and plums and is in the top 20 exporting countries of table grapes, apricots, cherries and cherries.

In recent years, the sector has registered important performances by expanding the areas of super-intensive orchards, equipped with the most modern equipment.

The Republic of Moldova, according to the average for the last 3 years (2017-2019) produces seed fruits on an area of 61 thousand hectares and stone fruits on an area of 43 thousand hectares. It is mentioned that only 63% of the areas cultivated with fruits are managed by agricultural households, the rest of 37% being processed by peasant households.

The data show that the average harvest obtained during the specified period was: 149 quintals/ha for apple trees; 21 quintals/ha at the bristles; 19 quintals/ha for sour cherries; 46 quintals/ha in cherry trees; 70 quintals/ha in plums.

Following the technology recommended by Bioprotect, the farmers (the company’s customers) have obtained higher than the average harvest in the country, and some of the farmers have obtained performance harvests, such as:

450-500 quintals/ha at apple trees; 300-350 quintals/ha in bristles; 80-100 quintals/ha in sour cherries; 150-180 quintals/ha in cherry trees; 250-300 quintals/ha in plums.

The protection and fertilization of fruit trees is essential for the health of trees in plantations, orchards and gardens. Despite the fact that in the last 3 years about 2/3 of the active substances important for the protection of fruit trees, have been removed as a result of EU restrictions, but also of the rigors regarding fruit residues, Bioprotect is constantly looking for new protection solutions, and together with partners from Syngenta, FMC, Corteva, Basf, we identify and homologate new active substances to provide farmers with best practices and products.

In this context, in order to have an effective protection, the company “Bioprotect” comes up with technological solutions and proposes a wide range of products:

Basic fertilizers ; Foliar fetylizers; Herbicides; Fungicides; Insecticides;