Modern solutions for rich crops


The company aims at providing agricultural producers with high quality, efficient products of a high degree of selectivity, meant for increasing crop quality and productivity.

Products offered by the company include: phytosanitary products, seeds, seed grain and seedlings,mini farm equipment,personal protection equipment and various accessories for modern farming.

Products of phytosanitary use:
Insecticides, Bioprotect offer, 2009 Fungicides, Bioprotect offer, 2009 Herbicides, Bioprotect offer, 2009 Dessicants, Bioprotect offer, 2009 Seed treatment, Bioprotect offer, 2009 Rodenticides, Bioprotect offer, 2009 Adjuvants, Bioprotect offer, 2009 Fertilizers, Bioprotect offer, 2009
§ Crop Protection Programs - 2017

In order to facilitate farmers’ labor and improve the quality of grown products the Company’s specialists develop individual programs of crop protection and productivity increase.

Anyone interested can receive detailed information on systems of protection against crop diseases and pests, optimal use of herbicides and fertilizers in fields.

Download protection programs for fruit, vegetables and various cereals here. :