Bioprotect - News

February, 2017

>> FPC "BIOPROTECT" SRL organised a series of seminars in several regions of the country on the topic "The main directions of improving the technology of growing crops under stress"

December, 2016

>> BioProtect Sponsored the Moldavian Badminton Federation Cup

>>BioProtect Sponsored the Extraordinary Concert "AMINTIRE DE IUBIRE" of the Legendary Folk Artist Stefan Hrusca

>> BIOPROTECT was awarded the Gold cup and Honorary Diploma- "Moldagrotech (autumn) - 2016"

October, 2016

>> BIOPROTECT was awarded the Gold cup and Honorary Diploma- "Moldagrotech (autumn) - 2016"

October, 2014

>> BIOPROTECT was awarded the Bronze cup and Honorary Diploma- "Moldagrotech (autumn) - 2014"

March, 2014

>> BIOPROTECT participated in the 24th International Exhibition - "Moldagrotech (spring) - 2014"

June, 2013

>> BIOPROTECT at the "Day of Sugar Beet Fields 2013"

January, 2013

>> BIOPROTECT company has celebrated its 10th anniversary!

August, 2012

>> BIOPROTECT participated in the seminar  " The Field Day for sunflower and corn".

June, 2012

>> BIOPROTECT participated in the seminar " The Field Day 2012 – sugar beet" in Poland.

May, 2011

>> New high efficiency products distributed exclusively by Bioprotect LTD.

November, 2010

>> Economic mission in the Netherlands.

>>BIOPROTECT publishes the third Social Responsibility Report.

October, 2010

>>BIOPROTECT LTD near the older people for celebrating the "International Older's people day".

September, 2010

>>Between 13-15th september, BIOPROTECT participated in the seminar held in Barcelona

June, 2010

>> "The Field Day 2010" together with Südzucker Moldova

April, 2010

>> BIOPROTECT participates at the event "THE GREEN DAY – because we care" and continue to take part in activities that promotes responsibility toward environment

>> The silver trophy and the second degree diploma for agriculture’s assurance with organic fertilizers at the International Specialized Exhibition – MOLDAGROTECH 2010.

March, 2010

>> Bioprotect Ltd participates at the International Exhibition - Moldagrotech 2010

November, 2009

>> Bioprotect publishes the second Social Responsibility Report for reporting period 2008 -2009

October, 2009

>> 30th of October – Social Responsibility International Conference

>> Gold Medal and I Prize in the „Innovation of the Year”, nomination within the MOLDAGROTEH exhibition

>> "ANUGA" - prospects for developing new business partnerships.

>> 1st of October - OLDER PEOPLE'S DAY!. BIOPROTECT, together with the "NEOHUMANIST", Educational Association comes with an initiative to organize a small holyday for the older people

August, 2009

>> BIOPROTECT products – opportunity to receive high harvests in the 2010 crop year

June, 2009

>> Vapor Gard® – is a water emulsifiable organic concentrate for use on different fruits and crops to reduce water transpiration.

May, 2009

>> Terra Sorb ®- is a natural,ecologically friendly product based on amino acids and microelements, that increases the quantity and quality of the yield.

November, 2008

>> Bioprotect LTD publishes the first Social Responsibility Report for 2007 and 2008 that presents its action orientated to consideration for Human Rights, Working Standards, a better community life and Environment protection.

July, 2008

>> Aventrol- Unique adjuvant that prevents harvest losses for such crops as as winter and spring rapeseed, soy beans, peas, flax, mustard, sorghum, onion, sunflower and other crops.

January, 2008

>> Products homologation of new products distributed exclusively by Bioprotect in Republic of Moldova.Simultaneously were homologated a new range of products Quad Super, Nicomex Plus(with the adjuvant Agronex Pro), Chlomex, and oth.

>> "Bioprotect" organizes seminars in different districts of Republic of Moldova, with the purpose to inform farmers to practice a profitable agriculture that would correspond to the demanding market outlets from East and Occident.

>> Beginning with November 26, 2006, "BIOPROTECT" company became a member of the Local Network of Global Compact in Moldova, which aims to promote social corporate responsibility and integration of the ten principles