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Vapor Gard,natural antitranspirant, Bioprotect LTD
What is Vapor Gard ®?

Vapor Gard ® - is a water emulsifiable organic concentrate for use on fruits and crops to reduce water transpiration.

Vapor Gard dries on plants to form a clear, glossy film that retards normal moisture loss without interfering with plant growth or normal respiration.

    Product benefits:
  • Reduces losses caused by pre- harvest fruit drop or sunburn
  • Improves flavour and colour of the yield
  • Prolongs the storage life of the harvest
  • Not toxic to bees and to other useful insects.
Crop The application period Dosage,l/ha
Apple, plum One foliar application during vegetation period about 4 weeks before harvest 1%
Cucumbers Foliar applications during vegetation period: I – apply when 50 - 60 % or more of the foliage is present. II-nd – if it is necessary with the interval of 4 weeks after first application. 1%-1,5%
Potatoes One foliar application before row closure. 1%-1,5%
Tomatoes One foliar application of seedling in grenhouses at least 4- 5 hours before planting in open field or one foliar application 2 hours later after planting in open field 1%;

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