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What is Terra Sorb ® foliar?

Terra Sorb®- is a natural,ecologically friendly product based on amino acids and microelements, that increases the quantity and quality of the yield.

Free Amino acids of Terra - Sorb penetrate inside plant cells increasing their photosynthesis activity and chlorophy content and regulates many metabolic processes in plants, improving quality of yield.

It's recommended to apply Terra - Sorb when the crop is suffering from stress conditions such as : drought, cold, heat, asphyxia etc.

    Product benefits:
  • Plants become more healthy and more ressistant to stress situations
  • Applied in autumn increases the hardiness, in spring increases the growth energy of the plants.
  • Increases the tolerance to diseases
  • Improves the acces of the plant to the nutrients in the soil
  • Crops treated with Terra - Sorb in stress conditions continue to form yield
  • Insures a high - quality pollination.
  • Increases the average yield and quality.
  • Improves the efficency of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and of fertilizers that were applied.
  • Is not phytotoxic
Crop The application period Dosage,l/ha
Rape Spray crops in autumn when the air temperature is about +2, +10 or in early spring at the beginning of vegetation period. 2,0

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