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Homologation of new products distributed exclusively by Bioprotect in Republic of Moldova

As an integral part of our company activities is the broad range of products that we supply to our customers. To meet consumers needs, at the beginning of each agricultural season we have as a main aim the homologation of new high quality and efficiency products.

Only we can offer you the latest innovations to increase and improve you agricultural products

In 2007 were extended the homologation of new 19 products distributed exclusively by Bioprotect in Republic of Moldova: insecticides: Acetamiprid 22,5 SL, Clarus 250 EC, Diazinon 600 EC, Phenomen 530 EC, Scout 500 WG, Succesor 400 EC, Torrius 150 SC ; fungicides: Caldera 250 EC, Funguran-OH, Laurin 400 WP, Leader 250 SC, Ventozeb 80 WP; herbicides: Kobra 300 SL, Nuarid 500 WG, Paragon 330 EC, Python 480 SL, Spartanal 750 WP, Zebra 50 EC si Sprint 40 FS.

Simultaneously were homologated a new range of products Quad Super, Nicomex Plus (with the adjuvant Agronex Pro), Chlomex, Phosmex Ultra.

For 2008, in the state homologation program were included a new range of products produced by our exclusive partners.

Recently Bioprotect has entered into partnership with Swiss company AVENTRO Sarl, the owner of exclusive right to promote and distribute the adjuvant - AVENTROL

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