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Pactul Global al Natiunilor Unite, Bioprotect
"BioProtect" ltd company became a member of the Local Network of Global Compact in Republic of Moldova

Beginning with November 26, 2006, BIOPROTECT company became a member of the Local Network of Global Compact in Moldova, a global initiative from ONU, which aims to promote social corporate responsibility and integration of the ten principles classified on four fields: Human Rights, Work Standards, Environmental Protection and Struggle against Corruption. (To find out more about the Global Concord in Moldova, please visit this web-site UNDP )

One of the projects of the Global Concord is: GREEN DAY – BECAUSE WE CARE, organized on April 12, 2008 in the Public Garden "Rose Valley" from Botanica. The organization’s initiative of this project served as a good example of social partnership, through which BioProtect alongside with other member companies decided to evince their attitude and responsibility for the environmental protection.

Social assistance projects

One of the most important objects of the social politics of BIOPROTECT is to confer its support in different actions, which aim to promote tolerance, participation in charity actions, offering sponsorship in educational intentions or any other project of social assistance which bring solutions to different social problems.

This social assistance comes to support as good as it can the idea of improving the life quality of poor and needy people from Republic of Moldova.

  • 09.01.08 - Prut International SRL
  • 31.01.08 - The Veteran Union from Afganistan War
  • 04.02.08 - Moldova Child Fund
  • 13.03.08 - Church "Hramul Acoperămînt"
  • 01.04.08 - Association for education "NEOUMANIST"
  • 14.04.08 - Non-governmental organization "Child protection"
  • 18.04.08 - Republic of Moldova Child Fund

We deeply believe that the best help is that which can encourage and empower people to a further development. That is why we participate at some sponsorship projects within educational institutions:

  • 15.01.08 - State University from Moldova
  • 07.04.08 - State University from Moldova
  • 23.04.08 - The Centre of Political Strategies within ASEM

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