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What is Aventrol ®?

Aventrol® - is an internationally recognized, natural, pre-harvest product, which minimizes shatter (opening) of pods and losses of seeds, caused by falling out of the pods before and during the harvest of such crops as winter and spring rapeseed, soy beans, peas, flax, mustard, sorghum, onion, sunflower and other crops.

How does it works?

About one hour after the application of Aventrol on the field during the daylight hours (do not apply at night and apply at least one hour before an expected rain, so that the spray can dry out on the plants) the spray polymerizes and creates a NATURAL flexible semi-permeable membrane on the plant.

The natural membrane created by Aventrol protects the plant’s continuous normal, unaffected respiration and normal maturing process of the seeds and their filling with oil. Aventrol does not negatively affect the physiology of growth and the maturation process and therefore it allows the seeds to fill out maximally with the oil until the last moment before the harvest.

    Product benefits:
  • Aventrol assists to control the even maturing of seeds all over the plant, as normally the pods on the bottom mature earlier than on the top of the plant. It prevents the shatter of pods, which keeps the seeds in the pods until harvest.
  • Results from many countries show an increase of collected harvest of quality seeds 18-30% and sometimes more.
  • It protects the rapeseed fields from losses of seed caused by rain, storms and other undesirable weather conditions (such as wind) before and during the harvest. It controls the amount of moisture entering the pods (rain, dew, fog).
  • It helps the seeds to fill with the maximum amount of oil. The maximum filling of seeds with oil happens during the last 3-4 weeks before harvest when it is 80-120 kg/ha/day.
  • It allows the seeds to breathe in the pods and thus stops the development of uric acid inthe seeds and fungus in the pods. Products made on the basis of synthetic latex and mineral oils do not offer these benefits.
  • It reduces losses during swathing and direct harvesting.
  • If harvesting operations are delayed for any reason (such as shortage of harvesting equipment, rain) Aventrol holds the seeds in the pods and keeps them from absorbing water. Seeds dry out during this time.
  • Seeds are very often harvested with lower moisture content from the fields treated with Aventrol, especially during rainy summers.
  • Aventrol is ecologically friendly.
  • Many results showed that Aventrol, when used alone, has actually increased the yield/ha grown compared to CONTROL.
  • Fill the spray tank half-full with water and commence agitation.
  • Add Aventrol to the spray tank.
  • Maintain agitation.
  • Fill the spray tank with the rest of the water.
  • Maintain agitation.
  • To ensure good emulsification of this product, it is advisable to pre-mix Aventrol with water in a small bucket before adding to the spray tank.


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