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BIOPROTECT at the "Day of Sugar Beet Fields"

On 21 June 2013, BIOPROTECT answered the invitation of "Südzucker Moldova" to participate in the traditional "Day of Sugar Beet Fields." The event took place on the demonstrative plot near the village of Sofia, in the Drochia district, and it witnessed active participation of representatives of all branches of agriculture, from producers and suppliers of plant protection products, seeds and hybrids, to producers and suppliers of agricultural machinery.


Participation in such events has a double meaning: first, we are witnessing the reanimation of sugar beet production in Moldova, and second, it is a good opportunity for bilateral meetings and development of relations between agricultural producers, service providers and processors. All of the above have only positive effect on the development of sugar beet production.

Bioprotect, which is among the leaders of agricultural service providers, welcomes participation in such events. If two years ago the company was meeting the needs of sugar beet producers in pesticides and fertilizers, then since last year it has brought into this area seeds of sugar beet. We should remind, that since 2012 Bioprotect has become an official distributor of sugar beet seeds produced by KHBC (Kutnowska Hodowla Buraka Cukrowego Sp. z o.o., Poland).

Janosik - KHBC Jagusia- KHBC

This year the company has broadened the spectrum of products, namely sugar beet seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, which are of high quality and are purchased from renowned European producers. We are more than happy to help agricultural producers to consolidate their production and, implicitly, revenue.


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