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BIOPROTECT participated in the seminar  "The Field Day for sunflower and corn"

On 9 August 2012, PTC BIOPROTECT together with "AMG-Agroselect Comerţ" LTD şi "Kelley Grains Impex" LTD organized the "The Field Day for sunflower and corn". The event took place on one of the plots near Grigorevca village, Căuşeni district, and hosted more than one hundred of guests, including agricultural producers, economic agents as well as specialists from State Commission on Plant Varieties Testing.

Bioprotect, Field Day - for sunflower and corn Bioprotect, Field Day - for sunflower and corn

At seminar were presented demo plots with corn and sunflower hybrids. BIOPROTECT as exclusive distributor of Quality Crops LTD demonstrated sunflower hybrids of different maturity groups and resistance against Orobanche cumana(broomrape)- A,B,C,D,E even F, which could be cultivated in all agricultural zones, and namely: Alvarez, La Pampa, Toledo, Bond, Zorba. From these five hybrids, Alvarez is a classic hybrid, others are most recent performant hybrids, ressistant to herbicide on basis of tribenuron methyl , so called „Sulfo Tehnology”, offering a new optimal solution for weeds control in sunflower.

Field Day for sunflower and corn, Alvarez Field Day for sunflower and corn, Bond

The special guest from BIOPROTECT was Dr. Nicolae Pârvu, scientific researcher, executive director at Quality Crops, who presented in details the Quality Crops technological recommendations for application of the herbicide based on tribenuron methyl in sunflower with hybrids suitable with SULFO technology.

Bioprotect, Field Day for sunflower and corn,Qualitz Crops Bioprotect, Field Day for sunflower and corn,Qualitz Crops

The Quality Crops representative noted that the main purposes of the Quality Crops program are:

  • Increasing the production capacity;
  • Improving the oil content and its diversification;
  • Increasing the autophily;
  • Genetic herbicide resistance;
  • Resistance to diseases and pests;
  • Reducing the vegetation period, obtaining hybrids with early maturity for regions with less favorable climate conditions(The North of the country).

In conclusion, we can affirm with certainty that the event has reached its aim, demonstrating once again to cultivators that using high quality seeds and respecting the technological recommendations are very important to get rich crops.

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