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New high - efficiency products distributed exclusively by PTC "Bioprotect"

Bioprotect, produse omologate pentru sezonul agricol 2011

"Bioprotect" LTD, as official distributor of Lab Sanigene Limited, Mauritius, offers to agricultural producers its new homologated products of phytosanitary use intended to be used on the teritory of Republic of Moldova. Thus, for the agricultural season 2011, were registered 6 new products exclusively distributed by BIOPROTECT in Repubic of Moldova: herbicides: Magic 500 SL, Zenon 700 WG; fungicides: Concord 250 EW, Derosan 500 SC, Titan 700 WG and insecticides: Onix 200 WG.

The new high quality and increased efficiency products will allow to obtain wealthy crops and the significant increase of agricultural production.


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