The team of Bioprotect

Management team

The company’s success greatly depends on concerted activity of its subunits and on the competence and professionalism of its employees acting as a united team striving for success.

Founder – Valeriu Strelet,  Bioprotect

Founder – Valeriu Strelet:
Founder of BIOPROTECT and the person responsible for ensuring the company’s success by managing the complex interrelation of all its activities and functions.

CEO – Sergiu Cre?u, Bioprotect

CEO – Sergiu Cretu:
Supervises and coordinates the company’s entire activity by ensuring its correct and efficient work.
Phone/fax: /+373 22/ 214-116

Lawyer - Vadim Surdu

Lawyer – Vadim Surdu
Represents the Company’s interests in the Court,  local or central  authorities, provides legal expertise of the documents and disputes.
Tel: /+373 22/ 214-117


Financial and Accounting Department
manages the company’s economic activity and is responsible for collecting and processing economic data and providing it to internal and external users involved. Phone: (22) 21 41 13

Legal Department protects the company’s legal interests, monitors all legal activity within the company and ensures lawfulness of all its actions. Phone: (22) 21 41 17

Analysis and Public Relations Department is in charge of promoting the company’s image, managing statistical data and various logistic activities and maintaining corporate interrelations.
Phone: (22) 21 41 10

Technology and Consultancy Department offers professional counseling in correct and efficient use of phytosanitary products, fertilizers, seeds, seedlings and accessories necessary for modern farming. The company’s agronomists anticipate farmers’ needs through development of individual crop protection programs and adequate use of fertilizers.
Phone: (22) 21 41 10; 21 41 12

Agro Shop offers you a varied range of phytosanitary products, fertilizers, seed grain in convenient packages, farm equipment and a number of accessories that will be useful to professional agricultural producers as well as owners of household gardens and plots.
Phone: (22) 21 41 18; 21 41 10

Logistics and Transport Department is responsible for stocking and correct storage of the company’s stocks and delivery of products to final recipients.