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The Company successfully collects from its partners and exports fruit and vegetables and half-finished products: concentrated apple and grape juice, fruit pastes and purees. The main export destinations are Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Austria.

BIOPROTECT Company offers a wide range of fruit and vegetables freshly received from its local partner producers, constantly trying to find new partners and diversify its outlets.

Export images

Fresh fruits


Slava, Şafran, Prima; Spartan, Banana, Mantuaner, Starkrimson, Renet Simerenco, Golden Delicious, Idared, Jhonathan.


Vengherka, Stanley, Renclod Althan, Kişiniovskaia Ranniaia, Anna Spath


Golden Jubilee, Redhaven

Grapes for export


Zolotistîi Rannii, Ranii Magaraci, Muscat, Moldova

Fresh vegetables

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pepper

Sweet peppers export,  Bioprotect Export vegetables, Bioprotect

Cereals and legumes

Wheat, barley, oat, soy, rape.

Cereals export Wheat, export

Cereals and legumes

Wheat, barley, oat, soy, rape.

Cereals export Wheat, export

Semi - products

Plum paste

Concentration of dried substances - BRIX 56%

Clarified apple juice concentrate, BRIX 70%:

  • Acidity: 1,8 % - 2,8%
  • Color: rich clear liquid of light-orange – light-brown color
  • Patulin: <0,01 mg/kg

Unclarified apple juice concentrate, Brix 70%:

  • Acidity:>2,4%
  • Color: rich, viscous, unclear liquid of light-brown – deep-brown color
  • Patulin: <0,01 mg/kg
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